Garden Advice

As early as the 1850s Almanac's, magazines and mail order catalogues became available to garden lovers. They provided advice to the layman on gardening, the latest innovations in garden tools and seed catalogues; and how to deal with unwanted pests and diseases. Anthony Hordern and Sons, Universal Providers produced of such a catalogue that sold everything from lawn tennis sets, comprising racquets, balls, net, portable posts, pegs, pegs and a book of rules; to bush houses, wire arches, single pot stands, lawn mowers and sprinklers, garden spades and hoses.

With the response for the post-war demand for new houses and a changed lifestyle, Yates Gardening Guides and magazines such as the Australian House and Garden and Home Beautiful were established. These magazines have now expanded into our living rooms with the emergence of lifestyle television programs. Giving advice on everything you need to know about gardening.

Pests are a typical occurrence in any garden. For many years new materials such as insecticides and fungicides have been tested and proven more efficient. Organic methods of eradicating pests and diseases are more commonly used today. Nothing beats birds and lizards to help keep pests at bay.