Public Parks and Gardens

With the establishment of a Municipality in the 1860s, the Council of the day set about developing public reserves. Many of the City's public parks and gardens were not established until the introduction of a reticulated water supply. Both Robertson Park and Cook Park had their own water supplies. These parks were influenced by European design. Perimeter fences were installed to keep wandering stock out and bandstands, fountains and ponds were added.

In the 1860s a cricket pitch was established at Wade Park, but it wasn't until the turn of the 20th Century that sport grounds were paid any attention. Rugby was a major winter sport and became a very popular spectator sport, with many great rugby players coming from the area.

Orange has always been proactive in the provision of quality public spaces. As the City has developed so has the provision of public areas. Parklands now include natural area reserves such as Lake Canobolas providing biodiversity, playground areas and neighbourhood parklands. The Orange Botanic Gardens is being developed into significant regional Botanic Gardens.