ELF Community Garden

A permaculture community garden is thriving at the Environmental Learning Facility (ELF) at the Orange Showground. Open to everyone, it is attracting young and not so young gardeners, keen to learn and share skills, grow organic produce and make new friends across the vegetable beds.

Jenny Coleman at work in the ELF Community Garden. There is a working bee at the garden every second Saturday of each month from 9am-2pm.
The beauty of permaculture is that it is for the community – all those old-fashioned pleasures such as growing, eating fresh vegetables, socialising and learning.
Image Courtesy: Elisabeth Edwards

Brab Edwards is one of the volunteers and explains:

Permaculture is about 'no dig' and placing compatible plants together. I was involved in doing the swales at the fruit trees where we've dug trenches and filled them with sand so they catch the water. A big thing with permaculture is mulching and conserving water.

Haidee Nelson coordinator of the Elf Communtiy Garden says:

The biggest thing is the sharing of ideas and often people go home more inspired to do something in their own gardens.

Volunteers Jenny Coleman, Brab Edwards and Haidee Nelson in the ELF Community Garden.
Image Courtesy: Elisabeth Edwards